Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Race Card

During the past day or two, both Clintons have been accused of overt racist attacks. Given their history, and the oft-repeated trope prior to Hillary's NH win, that Bill Clinton was the first Black President, this is absurd.

The statements in question can be perceived as racist (Hillary's MLK* comment - truncated by the NYT & almost all other outlets - and Bill's "fairy tale" (which requires some incredible distortion to turn it into a racial attack) - only by deliberately misreading them.

Hillary haters appear to be so angry that Obama lost N.H. that they, in order to tar her beyond all redemption, are making race an issue in the campaign.

Unfortunately, this could easily turn out to be bad not just for Hillary's supporters but for Obama's as well. I've already noticed a response that is almost as bad as the attack: that Obama is using this in the same way that Hillary is supposed to have used tears: to get him a sympathy vote.

Let's be clear here: Hillary has no inborn right to win the nomination or the Presidency. But Obama doesn't either. He has tremendous support in the MSM and blog worlds (name me a MSM person or leading blogger who is actively supporting Hillary). They should start asking themselves why they feel it necessary to smear his major opponent.

*The Horses's Mouth