Tuesday, January 22, 2008


In my Jan. 15, 2008 entry, I gave my assessment of different pairings for a Democratic Dream Team. From various blogs, I see that I am not the only one who has thought of an Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket as the solution to our indecision.

As I wrote earlier, I think the only two viable combos at the start of the campaign were Edwards/Obama or Clinton/Obama.

Today, given all the animosity that has been stirred up, largely by pundits and journalists looking for a fight, I think the chances for such a pairing have been reduced significantly. But I decided to look at the combos not from a political perspective but from a functional perspective.

Obama plays the "big picture", inspirational leader while Hillary gets the budget and legislation drafted and pushed through the Congress. In short, this is the typical Manager/AA arrangement that has existed for decades in which the hardworking female AA does all the work for which the male boss gets credit. Unfortunately, this is another reason why Clinton is unlikely to accept such an arrangement.

Clinton micro-manages everything and sends Obama around the world to win back our friends and allies. This has the additional advantage of keeping Barack and Bill away from each other. This gives Obama a fair amount of room for travel and seasoning for his own run for President. But it would require some humility and a willingness to wait for his turn at the top job . . . to say nothing of what Michelle would have to give up.

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