Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Campaign phrases I am tired of hearing

1. "Change". Enough already. If you can't give specifics, the word's not worth a penny.

2. "35 years of experience". Hillary, we all get it. You'd be smarter to simply give specific examples, when the opportunity presents itself, of what you have done and when.

3. "I can inspire people". Barack, this is an incredibly arrogant statement even given the natural arrogance and ego that any candidate running for the Presidency can be expected to have. JFK, RFK, MLK all inspired people. But I doubt if any of them ever stated this ability as a qualification for public office. You remind me a bit of Wolf Blitzer who repeats at least 100 times a day that CNN has the best political team in the business - as if by saying it is so he can make it so (the grown-up edition of the self-esteem movement in the schools).

4. "I'm not an insider... and I've run a business". It's amazing to me that Romney can shout this with a straight face. It amazes me even more that people are attracted to this message. By my reckoning, the only insider President we've had since Gerald Ford was Bush 41. Reagan, Clinton, and Bush 43 all ran as outsiders. Bush ran as a businessman. Look where it has gotten us.

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