Monday, January 28, 2008

Obama's 911: Judgment

Rudy's been selling himself as the 911 mayor for so long, even Joe Biden realized he was a one-note candidate: "a noun, a verb and 911"

But Obama's been running on two pitches and nobody has noticed how old they have gotten.

First there is his "new generation, bring us all together" about which I've written before. Tonight we got another indication of just how he is planning to bridge our differences: he snubbed Hillary when she took the initiative to shake Ted Kennedy's hand even though he had just endorsed Obama. (Obama had been standing beside him when Hillary approached.) It's one thing to be a sore loser; Obama is a sore winner.

But his key 911 song is "judgment". And what is this qualification pegged on? Well, he once publicly declared that he thought the war in Iraq was dumb. Gee whiz, I was also against the war before it started. Like Obama, I wasn't in a position to actually vote against it - but, what the heck, if that's all one needs to be a candidate, maybe I should run for office.

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