Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Criterion for choosing a candidate: The Press Conference Test

The latest California poll shows Hillary leading Barack by about 12 points but 20% of the voters are still undecided and, I suspect, a fair number who expressed a preference may not be fully committed.

So, if you still can't make up your mind, try the Press Conference Test. Ask yourself which of the candidates you would most want to watch at a press conference.

My take:
Remember: All of them would duck the questions they didn't want to answer.

Obama - he'll hem and haw (as he does often during the debates) and fall back on inspiring statements when he gets lost. Sort of like Bush except in full sentences.

Hillary - she'll bury the reporters in detail, admittedly not hard to do since 99% of the reporters couldn't explain her health plan even if they had read it (which they most probably have not). These would probably turn into such dull affairs that the news organizations would start sending their 2nd stringers.

Edwards - he might be a lighter version of JFK (still the best Press Conference President ever). He has a sense of humor and is skilled at facing an indifferent, at best, or hostile audience (the jury). Indeed, of the three, I think he is the only one who might survive, and enjoy, the British Parliament's Question Period

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