Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MSNBC Does Something Right: Rachael Maddow

Well, when I checked in with Countdown a few minutes ago, whom did I see but Rachael Maddow, not as a guest but as an MSNBC analyst!

Cheers to MSNBC, although it did take them rather a long time to realize that she is smarter than anybody else they have on the air.

Here's hoping that replacements for Matthews, Scarborough, and Carlson may be somewhere out there in the wings.


James said...

I think that Rachael Maddow is great on the new 6:00 show.
She has a pleasant voice and smooth delivery.She is smart person with good input.Thank you the refreshing addition.
I am a 65 year old male FYI.


Thedman said...

Wonderful to see Rachael Maddow getting a shot. She is cool, calm and very bright.

Hope the producers at MSNBC are wartching. This woman deserves a break.

Eleanore Leslie said...

Good job Rachael!! Since Palin's new found "friends have shielded her from the press, what makes anyone think they'll let a debate with her occur? Bet the ranch they wiggle out of that in some way.

Eleanore Leslie
Jupiter, FL