Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fire Howard Dean

Does anybody think Howard Dean is doing a good job, or even simply doing his job, as Chairman of the Democratic Party?

He, more than anybody, is responsible for the Florida/Michigan mess. The "rules" were his. It was he who decided that both candidates had to agree to any solution. Obama, of course, can't risk revotes that he might lose by even bigger margins. (I can't help but wonder just what Obama has promised Dean for his support.)

Just as bad, it appears that he isn't even very good at raising money. All year long, I've read articles about Democrats being far ahead of Republicans in the money-raising stakes. But it turns out that the DNC doesn't even have enough money to help pay for revotes in Florida and Michigan.

Can anybody think of anything positive this man does? Is there some way we can recall him and replace him with somebody who knows how to lead?


Anonymous said...

Here here. There is so much he could have done to fix this campaign but he was too afraid that he would be blamed for putting a finger on the scales. What kind of leadership is that?

Fire Howard Dean.

Anonymous said...

I am a Floridian and I was in disbelief that Howard Dean did nothing more than blame Florida for this primary fiasco. Voters assumed that this would surely be straightened out quickly. He was unwilling to help Florida fund a revote? I guarantee you this has cost the DNC a lot more than the $25 million dollars it would have cost to give Floridians a voice. This has changed the race completely and changed how Democrats view our party. Floridians do not trust the DNC. Yes, FIRE HOWARD DEAN. I will not have a candidate forced on me by the DNC and the media.