Sunday, March 2, 2008

Electability. Why Obama Can't Beat McCain

When it comes time to pull that lever or mark a box with an X in the General Election, more voters will choose McCain than will choose Obama.

This isn't because they will agree with McCain's stand on Iraq. They won't. Or because he is an inspirational speaker. He isn't.

No, I think when push come to shove, voters will see a very ambitious young man on the move who has not yet paid his dues vs. a man who has served his country above and beyond the call of duty, a man who has earned the right to be President.

Hillary, too, would have to overcome this fundamental respect for McCain the soldier. But they are closer in age. And she, too, has paid her dues and then some. No, she wasn't a prisoner of war. No she hasn't suffered physical torture for her country. But she has been tested, and she has proven her mettle. And that vote on Iraq that hurts her so much with liberal Democrats will be a plus in the general election because it will demonstrate that she is willing to support force if force is needed.


matt said...

Obama will be the 44th president of the USA. I donnot support Obama nor think he would be good for America. However, the math looks pretty good for him so far. If you look at the electoral college, McCain will have to win Ohio and Florida just to have a chance. Furthurmore, he can't really afford to lose any of the states Bush won. On the other hand, Obama can lose Ohio and Florida and still be president by winning Michigan and Pennsylvania and winning most states Kerry won. It's more likely that more states will flip into the Democratic column as well. Get ready for Barack Hussein Obama. Didn't we just go to war trying to get rid of a guy named Hussein. What has America come to!

Josh said...

Who cares what his name is. It's proven that our economy is better under a democratic president. In addition four more years with a pseudo Bush no one could handle. Stay in Iraq? Are you insane, why were we there to begin with... Weapons of Mass Deception - used by our own government... Republican's love to keep the wealthy - wealthy... Obama wants to tax the wealthy a great deal more so we're going to see an incredible amount of anti-obama propaganda... (The wealthy have bigger pockets and as such can advertise a heck of a lot more)

So Matt... I think you're an idiot.

typographica said...

Obama did 3 things:

win by the second largest plurality of the past 75 years;

inspire more people to register to vote in the last 6 months than have ever registered in any 6-month period in our nation's history;

inspire more people to cast ballots than have ever cast ballots before in the history of the united states.

And, of course, he won the election quite handily, so much so that every major newspaper and tv station called the election earlier than they've ever called a presidential election before.

Morgan said...

The Right always think they are Right. Even when they are dead wrong.