Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chutzpah, Thy Name is Republican

On NPR's Weekend Edition this morning, Scott Simon interviewed Senators James Webb (D) and Jon Kyl (R) about the war in Iraq. When he asked Kyl if the military's presence in Iraq made it less able to respond to other crises, Kyl blamed, guess who? Yep. You're right. It's all Bill Clinton's fault for weakening the military.

So, let me see, Bush 43 has been in office for over 7 years, and the Republicans controlled the Congress during Clinton's last 6 years, but Bush still isn't responsible for the state of the American military? Not that this absolution should surprise us. The biggest success of the Republican media machine was in turning Bush into the hero of 9/11 rather than the villain. 9/11 did, one must remember, occur 9 months into Bush's administration. Had it occurred on Clinton's watch is there any doubt that the Republican Congress would have impeached him again for dereliction of duty? Of course not.

Oh, I almost forgot. Kyle also blamed for U.N. for the Iraqi election that has not resulted in a viable government. Gee whiz, weren't Republicans almost giddy about all those pictures of Iraqis with ink-stained fingers proving that they had voted? Oh, well.

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