Friday, February 20, 2009

Roland Burris: Rachel Maddow is Shocked, Shocked, Shocked

After treating Mr. Burris for weeks as if he were a lovable but somewhat eccentric favorite uncle, Ms. Maddow is now shocked to learn that maybe, perhaps, he isn't quite as innocent as he had appeared. Not that it is Mr. Burris's fault, mind you. He was just caught in the corrupt aura that ex. Gov. Blogojavich spread wherever he went.

But, as I pointed out in January, Mr. Burris was suspect from the beginning. A man who would accept an appointment under the circumstances that existed had either to be corrupt himself, lacking in personal ethics, or so ambitious for the job (after multiple electoral rejections by Illinois voters) that he simply did not care. In short, under the best interpretation of his behavior, Mr. Burris came up lacking.

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