Thursday, January 15, 2009

Burris - the new Junior Senator - Media Missing in Action

One of the things that has most amazed me about the Burris case has been the kid gloves with which this man has been treated.

Everybody, including Harry Reid (not that his judgment means much), insists that Burris is untainted,is a good man.

But Burris ran for Governor 3 times and lost. He also, I believe, ran for Senator and lost. In short, the people of Illinois have repeatedly rejected him.

He knew that the Governor has been accused of trying to sell the Senate seat. He knew that the Senate did not want to seat an appointee of that Governor. But he wanted to be Senator so much that he, apparently (I read or heard this somewhere), put himself forward for the position and accepted the nomination. Think about that.

One can draw only two conclusions about Burris the man, based on this action. Either he is so ambitious, so desirous of becoming Senator that he doesn't care how it looks or how he gets the position or his ethics are so weak (perhaps non-existent) that he simply can't understand why the character of the person appointing him, and the situation under which the appointment was made, taints the appointment. One can't help but wonder what other ethical matters he will be blind to.

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