Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meida Missing in Action: Obama's 4/13/09 Economic Speech

Well, even CNBC's "reporters", based on their comments, apparently didn't bother to actually listen to Obama's speech although the network broadcast it live. I guess if you've read the written speech handed out beforehand, there's no point in actually listening.

Then there was the idiotic reporting on CNN: an interview with two people who had been laid off to get their reactions to the speech. The anchor was surprised that $25 more per week could make a difference to some people.

And, yet another of our illustrious "reporters", I think this was on MSNBC, was upset because "all" of the 2000 shovel-ready projects in progress involved small construction jobs which would last only a few months. So they weren't creating "real" jobs. As if a few months' work wouldn't make a difference to somebody whose income was 0. And, as if fixing potholes was not a "constructive" activity. (Don't any of these people ever ride in a car?) Ah, yes. I guess that's why 8.5% of the working population are unemployed. They must have had only temporary work, not real jobs, right?

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