Friday, August 29, 2008

Best Reason not to support Obama: His Supporters

Bill and Hillary give some of the best speeches of their lives in support of Obama, but is that enough? No. His supporters in the media (print and video) and the so-called liberal blogosphere continue to snipe. They weren't sincere enough, they didn't praise him enough, they're not working hard enough for him.

In Iowa, Obama showed himself to be an ungracious winner. In New Hampshire, he showed himself to be a poor loser. Like leader, like follower.

The Obamanuts are a bunch of puerile, whining, disgusting, racist misogynists who have been running a negative campaign all year and just can't stop. There's nothing new or hopeful about these people. They are the Democrat version of Karl Rove's minions.

And I don't think I want this country to be run by them.

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Greenconsciousness said...

I am putting this on all the blogs I link to suggesting we do not have to be slaves to the places they push us.
Who are you voting for?

I am Writing-In Hillary and joining the New Democrat PUMA party.

Listen to the Aug 29th radio show on your computer from the PUMA people who went to Denver.

I called in at the end of the first hour.