Monday, June 4, 2007

JFK plot

Let's see. They infiltrated this group in January, 2006. 16 months later the group still has no money, no equipment, and only the fuzziest of plans.

Why, exactly, did they arrest this bunch now? Sure, you wouldn't want them to wait until they were about to touch off the match, but wouldn't it have been better - for the greater war on terror - to wait until they could catch some bigger fish?

And why do they announce not only the capture but the plans? We're not supposed to know who's in Gitmo because that would be giving aid and information to the enemy. This is different? And does it really make sense to let the world know exactly what the plans were? Isn't it possible that there may be people out there who had never thought of this particular tactic but will now consider it as one more option.

I think, perhaps, the greatest single danger to this nation at the moment, terrorwise, are these government officials who announce the capture of obviously inconsequential people with grandiose ideas that a more competent group of terrorists will learn from.