Monday, May 21, 2007

The Polarizing Hillary Clinton

The adjective "polarizing" has been attached like a leech to Hillary Clinton. But what, exactly, is polarizing about Hillary? Perhaps more to the point, why is she "polarizing"? The answer is simple and awful: the only thing polarizing about Hillary is the fact that Right Wing Conservatives loathe her and Bill with a hatred that can only be described as pathological, going back to Bill Clinton's first run for the Presidency.

What is awful is that her qualifications for the job are irrelevant. The demagogues will probably be effective in stopping her. Even her biggest supporters can't help but dread a Hillary Clinton Presidency, not because she wouldn't be a good President - she could not, of course, be worse than the Shrub, although that's setting the bar pretty low since not many could be worse than the worst President in the history of the United States - but because her Presidency would be plagued from Day 1 with an endless stream of vitriol from the Right amplified by the scandal-hungry media. It would take a person with far more charisma than Hillary has to rise above those attacks.

I am not endorsing her candidacy. But I enormously resent having my evaluation of her candidacy being so thoroughly distorted and manipulated by hate-mongerers.

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